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About Us

We brough home our first Maine Coon with the intention of making him an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) for our autistic daughter. After seeing the positive effect he had on her,  we knew that we had to provide the same opportunity for others. Unfortunately, our first breeding cats arrived ill. One passed away in less than two weeks and the other was a carrier of four genetic diseases. This why health and genetic testing is a vital part of our breeding program. 



Our cattery truly is a family affair. Our name, MicoliCoon, is a melding of the names of the women in our family. While our primary location is in Southern California, our extended family cares for our cats located in Las Vegas, Nevada. MicoliCoon is a family, woman, and veteran owned Maine Coon cattery. 

For the safety and health of our family and our cats, we do not offer visiting hours. However, we are happy to chat by phone or video, and/or meet adopting families in a public outdoor space.  

Aerial image of Santee Lakes located in East San Diego County.

Santee, California

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