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Our Adoption Process & Application

We screen potential adopters to ensure we find loving homes for our kittens. Our process allows

us to get to know the adopter and allows us to help them in selecting the kitten that best fits their lifestyle. To maintain the integrity of our waitlist and to ensure that we dedicate our time and effort to the families that truly want a Maine Coon kitten we ask potential adopters to complete our adoption application.* 

*Modifications to any part or portion of the adoption process may be made at any time, without notice, as determined by the breeder for the health and wellbeing of our cats and kittens; or to comply with local, state, and federal guidelines and/or restrictions. 

Adoption Application & Waitist

We email the adoption application to potential adopters. Waitlisted adopters will have priority in selecting a kitten. The number of litters and available kittens will vary throughout the year. We maintain a separate waitlist for those seeking an ESA. See our ESA Program page for more information. To be added to our waitlist, we require a non-refundable fee of $155 per kitten. Of the fee, $150 will be applied toward the total cost of the kitten. The remaining $5 is kept by the payment processor as a transaction and/or processing fee. 

Kitten Selection & Deposit

We may announce the arrival of a litter on this site, Facebook or Instagram. Adoptions open when our kittens are about six weeks old; however, we may delay adoptions if necessaryThis provides us the opportunity to further assess the kittens for Emotional Support Animal (ESA) candidates or to evaluate potential breeding or show cats. We will notify waitlisted families by email or text message when kittens are available for selection. A non-refundable deposit of $650 is required upon the selection and will be applied toward the total cost of the kitten. The balance is due in cash at the time of pick up. Other payment methods must be paid two weeks prior to pick up.

Cattery Visitation

We are a closed cattery. Our cattery is also our home. For the safety and health of our family and our cats we do not allow visitors. However, we may be able to meet the adopter in a public outdoor location. 

"Go Home" Day

Kittens are released between 15 to 17 weeks old. All our kittens are microchipped, dewormed and vaccinated (age-appropriate) prior to leaving us. All kittens will be pre-registered in either The International Cat Association (TICA), the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA), or both. ​​Kittens from our Las Vegas location will be spayed/neutered. Kittens from our San Diego County location will intact and must be spayed/neutered before the kitten turns 6 months old**. Adopters will be provided with a pet carrier and a kitten care package (contract, one month of pet insurance, registration documents***, food, pet carrier), our support throughout the cat’s life and more.****

Adopter's may pick up their kitten at a predetermined location near the cattery in which the litter is located (e.g., N. Las Vegas litters must be picked up in N. Las Vegas), unless otherwise agreed upon.

**Intact kittens will be sold with an spay/neuter contract, which is monitored and enforced by SpaySecure Pet Services LLC.

***TICA and/or CFA registration slips will be provided after proof of spay/neuter is received.

****Care package contents subject to change based on item availability.

Payment Methods

Waitlist fees and deposits may be made using cash, Zelle, and credit/debit (3.5% fee for all credit and debit payments). Remaining balances can be made by cash at the time of pick up, or by Zelle or credit/debit no later than two (2) weeks prior to pick up. We do not accept payment by PayPal, Venmo, nor Cash AppFeel free to contact us if you have questions and/or concerns about our payment policy and methods. 


Although we prefer that adopters pick up their kitten in person, we understand that might not be feasible. Shipping is offered on a case-by-case basis. The cost of shipping is not included in the price of a kitten. Shipping is the responsibility of the adopter. Please contact us for information about shipping options.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions about our cattery, program, or if you just have questions about the Maine Coon cat breed.


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